Art Nouveau was an artistic movement that emerged in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Its aim was to create a new style that reflected the modern age and the industrialization of society. Art Nouveau artists used organic forms, curvilinear shapes, and ornamental designs inspired by nature, as well as innovative techniques and materials such as stained glass and metalwork.

The movement was a response to the academic styles of the past and a rejection of traditional decorative arts. Art Nouveau was characterized by its emphasis on the beauty of everyday objects and the integration of art into daily life.

Some of the most famous Art Nouveau artists include Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, and Louis Comfort Tiffany. Their works were marked by their sensuous forms, intricate designs, and vibrant colors.

Art Nouveau had a profound impact on the development of modern design, influencing architecture, fashion, and advertising. Its legacy can still be seen in contemporary art and design, inspiring new generations of artists to explore the boundaries of beauty and function in their work.

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