1471 – 1528 German Painter

Movement : High Renaissance

Albrecht Dürer the Elder and Barbara Holper, who were married in 1467 and had eighteen children together, had Dürer as their third child and second son when he was born on May 21, 1471. Successful jeweller Albrecht Dürer the Elder (born Albrecht Ajtósi) relocated to Nuremberg from Ajtós, close to Gyula in Hungary, about 1455. When he became a master himself, he wed Holper, the daughter of his master. One of Albrecht’s brothers, Hans Dürer, was also a painter and trained under him. Endres Dürer, a renowned goldsmith and one of Albrecht’s brothers, took over their father’s business. The Hungarian name “Ajtósi” is translated to “Dürer” in German. Originally, it was “Türer,” which is Hungarian for “doormaker” (from “ajtó,” which means door).

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