The art of turning a digital photograph or image into a hand-crafted masterpiece is the focus of Fabrikant Studio. Any image, including your portrait, family photos, pictures of your first car, and vacation photos, can be transformed into a stunning work of art by our artists. Our painters’ creative endeavours are unrestricted because they begin by scratching a blank canvas. Your favourite photo can be transformed by our artisans into a one-of-a-kind work of art that would be fit for an heirloom for an amazingly inexpensive cost.


Note : We can alter any old master painting in accordance with your tastes in addition to producing paintings at any specified size. In fact, we can paint you in a particular style or even include your face in any well-known painting. You can even include your vehicle, wedding party, or home.



How it works!

1. Select Painting type, Size and Medium
2. Post Images and select a Frame
3. Order now

Prior to placing the purchase, the appropriate type of painting must be chosen based on the subject matter and/or figures seen on the photo that you desire to commission. All of the options and selections that typical clients would wish to order are covered by the eight various types of paintings that are provided.

This phase requires you to select your preferred media, the size of your painting, and the amount of subjects your piece should include.

Medium: The ideal medium depends entirely or mostly on the tastes of the individual. To choose the most remarkable picture, it is advisable that you peruse the galleries of watercolour, pencil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, and oil paintings. You must also be aware of how the media vary from one another. When compared to other available mediums, oil is thought to be the one that is most in demand.

Size: Every painting is produced to order. As a result, we are prepared to meet your needs regardless of the size.

Using our mail you can send your photo or photos. Your image may be in the.jpeg,.bmp, or.gif file types. Additionally, we would advise you to send us in-depth pictures. They must to be greater than 100 KB and have a high resolution. Keep in mind that the quality of the photo you submit us will enable our artists to produce a highly regarded artwork rather than just a good one. Think about how a high-resolution photo would enable our artist to identify even the smallest details and incorporate them when creating the painting.

You can decide if you want an unframed or framed painting. If you purchase an unframed artwork, the canvas or paper will be rolled, placed inside a tube, and shipped to your address. When compared to framing costs at nearby shops, ordering a framed painting can save you up to 50%. If you order a painting along with framing, we'll frame it and provide all the necessary hardware so you can hang it on your wall as soon as it arrives.

Its the time for order as you have select all the things and write down us in a mail mention below. we will contact you on your contact details soon.

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